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Frogs and Neighbours at Casa San Lorenzo

April 2, 2012

Well, life has been fun-packed this last month. Thanks to Mr Apple and Victor, the garden is now completely cleared of old growth. Well done boys! Stunning effort, can’t tell you how proud I am of you both.

One slightly small issue is that Victor pulled the plug on the pond! We now have 1000 frogs (no, newts, I‘m told) jumping all over the garden.

Head Gardener Erica to the rescue! Yes, as usual, it’s up to the girls to come in and clean up any mess! Sorry boys – we love you to bits but Victor, your enthusiasm carried you away this time.

To get a feel for the garden, and see our plans unfold, have a look at our videos of work at Casa San Lorenzo. The second one is now available above.

If you prefer to read about how the garden is progressing, our second article about Casa San Lorenzo was out on 1 April in the At Home section of Scotland on Sunday. Hope you’ll have a read.

If you are a neighbour to the garden, please call and speak to Victor and we’ll get you down for a preview of the garden!

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