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Warming and welcoming: October menu at Centotre

October 12, 2012

Time to show our roots… with those vegetables under the soil just coming into season, we’ve plenty to share, as our kitchen garden enters its next phase of production.

Game is still present on the menu, but now joined by stronger tastes of autumnal vegetables.  Try our pigeon breast served with Cavalo Nero cabbage.  The iron-rich cabbage is a perfect foil for the richness of the pigeon.

Our pigeon – and guineau fowl – come from Burnside Farm, a multi-award winning farm in the Scottish Borders which specialises in game.

Autumn is about texture too.  We love the pebbly feel of lentils alongside Scottish hake.

But if there’s an chill wind blowing outside, we’re also keen on the crunch of deep-fried squid, or the reassuring smoothness of our fish and pasta dish: Loch Duart salmon with cream, leek and dill.

With all this need for warmth, it’s good to know we have that favourite back on the menu: lamb.  Whether it’s soaking up spices and garlic as a steak on our grill, or as lamb liver combined with white bean puree and pancetta, we know you’ll love it.

For those who associate autumn with mushroom hunting, it’s the perfect time to try our risotto – this month with porcini and Scottish wild mushrooms, and just the right amount of comfort from oozing Taleggio cheese.

Autumnal fruits and vegetable offer complex tastes, working well with sweet and savoury dishes. This month, blackberries feature as part of our cocktail, partnered with Barcardi, brown sugar and lime.

We also have the sharper taste of endive put to good use in a salad, as a foil for Gorgonzola and walnut pesto.

And it wouldn’t be October if pumpkin didn’t put in an appearance! Ours gets a welcome hit of chilli and pesto, lifting the sweetness of the pumpkin and other root vegetables in a wonderfully warming soup.

Plenty of treats – and only the best culinary tricks.

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